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About Us

About Burnled

About Us

Shenzhen Burnled Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of high-quality LED commercial lighting series employees. Our main products include the research, development, production, and sales of LED lighting products such as LED soft light strips, LED neon light strips, LED line lights, LED panel lights, and LED flat lights.


Burnled’s products are widely used in urban lighting, homes, industrial lighting, and other places. The export share accounts for 80% of the total sales revenue, covering over 100 countries around the world and receiving unanimous praise from the domestic and foreign industries.

Our company has advanced production equipment, testing instruments, and production technology, and has gathered a team of employees with years of professional technology and management experience; And by introducing the ISO9001 quality management system, we will continuously improve the quality management system and maximize efficiency and professional production processes, providing strong guarantees for the stable quality of energy-saving products and the continuous improvement of product cost-effectiveness.


Why choose us

15 Years of Experience

Burnled adheres to the corporate spirit of “innovation, dedication, excellence, and collaboration”, continuously develops and grows, and will wholeheartedly provide high-quality and complete LED energy-saving products and services to users with more passion and continuous improvement in product quality.


Burnled prioritizes the production of high-quality products. They employ stringent quality control measures to ensure consistent performance and reliability. By using premium components and conducting thorough testing, manufacturers deliver LED strips that meet industry standards and customer expectations.



Burnled builds trust through their track record of delivering reliable and durable products. Their commitment to quality, adherence to deadlines, and responsive customer service help establish strong relationships with clients. Manufacturers often have positive reviews, certifications, and a proven reputation, fostering trust among customers.



 Burnled is at the forefront of lighting technology innovation. They invest in research and development to introduce cutting-edge features and functionalities. Manufacturers strive to incorporate the latest advancements, such as smart controls, improved efficiency, and enhanced color options, providing customers with innovative LED strip solutions.