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RGB Addressable Dmx LED Rigid Bar Light


RGB addressable DMX LED rigid bar lights are professional-grade lighting solutions intended to be installed into professional applications.

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Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Application LANDSCAPE
Warranty(Year) 3-Year
Brand Name Burning LED
Model Number BLR-RS5050-WW60D
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Body Material Aluminum Alloy
CRI (Ra>) 80
Input Voltage(V) DC5V/12V/24V
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 100
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm) 1680
Working Lifetime(Hour) 50000
Working Temperature(℃) -90
Color Rendering Index(Ra) 80
Certification CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS
Light Source LED
Support Dimmer Yes
Lighting solutions service Lighting and circuitry design, auto CAD layout
Color Temperature(CCT) RGB
Control Mode Switch Control



RGB addressable DMX LED rigid bar lights are professional-grade lighting solutions intended to be installed into professional applications. Here are some features associated with these lights:

1. RGB Color Mixing: The LED rigid bar light can create a wide spectrum of hues by mixing red, green, and blue LEDs for dynamic and vibrant displays of vibrant hues. This provides for versatile lighting effects while offering dynamic display capabilities.

2. Addressable LEDs: Each addressable LED on the bar can be individually controlled for precise control over color, intensity and effects – making possible intricate lighting patterns and animations.

3. DMX Control: Digital Multiplex is an industry standard protocol used for lighting control on stage stages and effects. Our RGB addressable DMX LED rigid bar lights are compatible with DMX controllers that offer advanced programming features as well as seamless integration into complex lighting setups.

4. Rigid Design: LED rigid bar lights feature a linear form factor and are therefore suitable for permanent installations in locations like architectural accents, wall washing or stage lighting setups.

5. Sturdy Housing: Lighting fixtures should be housed in sturdy housing constructed from aluminum or polycarbonate material to withstand impact, dust and moisture damage as well as to ensure reliability in demanding environments. This ensures longevity and ensures their reliability over time.

6. Mounting Options: LED rigid bar lights typically include mounting brackets or clips for easy and quick setup, making installation quick and straightforward. These lights can be secured to walls, ceilings, trusses or stages for flexible placement and configuration options.

7. Wide Viewing Angle: Rigid bar lights typically offer wide beam angles, providing even and uniform illumination across a broad area. This feature is particularly important in situations that demand consistent illumination.

8. Energy Efficiency: LED technology offers superior energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting sources, leading to significantly less power consumption – making RGB addressable DMX LED rigid bar lights both cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.