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Smd 3528 2835 Rgb Led Flexible Strip Light


The strip light features SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs, known for their brightness, efficiency and longevity.

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LED Type 3825 2835 SMD LED Working Input Voltage 12V,24V
Power 4.8W/Meter Colour rendering index 84Ra
LED Quantity 60 leds/Meter Working Tempreture -20° to 50°
Package 5 Meters / Reel IP rating IP20
View angle 120° color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green,White, Warm White,RGB
Application: Office Control Mode: Remote Control, Switch Control
LED Qty: 60LED/m PCB Width: 8mm
Lamp Body Copper Warranty(Year): 3-Year
Certification: CE, RoHS color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White,RGB

led strip production process

High-Quality LEDs: The strip light features SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs, known for their brightness, efficiency and longevity.

RGB Color-Changing Capabilities: The strip light can produce an array of colors by combining red, green and blue LEDs to produce various lighting effects and set your desired hue via an appropriate controller.

Flexible Design: The strip light is made of flexible material that allows it to bend and shape to suit your needs, making installation on curved or uneven surfaces a simple process.

Self-Adhesive Backing: For effortless installation on various surfaces – such as wood, metal, glass and plastic – the strip light features a self-adhesive backing. This makes mounting much simpler.

Cuttable and Extendable: Strip lights can be cut at regular intervals to meet specific length requirements, while multiple strips connected together using connectors may also be extended by cutting at strategic points.

Energy-Efficient: LED technology used in strip lights ensures low power consumption while providing vibrant, energetic illumination, thus helping save energy compared with traditional lighting options.

Long Lifespan: SMD LEDs boast an extended lifespan compared to conventional lighting options, making your strip light durable and cost-effective over time.

Waterproof Options: Certain models of strip lighting come equipped with IP65 waterproof ratings or higher, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, even under wet conditions.

Remote Control Compatibility: Our strip lights can be remotely controlled with compatible controllers, giving you control of brightness, color, and lighting effects without physically accessing it.

Versatile Applications: Flexible strip lights can be found everywhere from residential to commercial settings and used for decorative lighting purposes. Applications range from accent, cove and under cabinet lighting as well as signage illumination to name just a few.