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Cuttable Ip67 Dc12V Dc24V 5Mm 6Mm 8Mm Side Top View Led Neon Strip


Our  Cuttable IP67 DC12V/DC24V 5mm-8mm Side Top View LED Neon Strip offers many features that make it suitable for various lighting applications.

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Color Temperature(CCT) 2700K (Soft Warm White)_6000K (Daylight Alert)
Warranty(Year) 2-Year
Lamp Body Material PVC / Silicone
Application sports stadiums, stadiums, Hotel, Residential, Garden
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 100
Color Rendering Index(Ra) 90
Lighting solutions service Lighting and circuitry design, Project Installation
Lifespan (hours) 50000
Working Time (hours) 50000
Light Source LED
Item Type Neon Lights
Support Dimmer Yes
Input Voltage(V) DC 12V
CRI (Ra>) 80
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm) 6000LM
Working Temperature(℃) -50

IP20 LED Strip Production Process



Our  Cuttable IP67 DC12V/DC24V 5mm-8mm Side Top View LED Neon Strip offers many features that make it suitable for various lighting applications. Some common advantages associated with this kind of neon strip include:

1. IP67 Waterproof rating: The LED neon strip comes equipped with an IP67 waterproof rating for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring durability and long-term usage. It can withstand exposure to raindrops, splashes, dust particles and exposure from harsh elements ensuring lasting usage and performance.

2. Cuttable Design: The LED neon strip can be easily cut at specific cut points to meet individual installation needs and provide customization that allows for precise customization of lighting arrangements and accommodating different spaces. This feature offers greater design freedom in designing lighting arrangements and accommodating various spaces.

3. Low Voltage Operation: LED neon strips operate at lower voltage levels of DC12V or DC24V for safe and energy-efficient operation compared to higher voltage alternatives.

4. Side and Top Views: LED neon strips can emit light either from their side or top surface, depending on their particular model. This enables a range of lighting effects and installation possibilities, including accentuating architectural features, creating signage or accentuating contours.

5. Neon-Like Effect: LED neon strip lighting has been engineered to mimic traditional neon lighting, providing bright, vibrant, and uniform illumination that provides visually appealing aesthetics while remaining more energy-efficient than its neon tube predecessors.

6. Easy Installation: LED neon strip lighting is specifically designed to be easily installed onto various surfaces such as walls, ceilings or signage with mounting clips or adhesive backing that facilitate its setup process. This simplifies mounting on various surfaces such as walls or ceilings as well as signage signage displays.

7. Energy Efficiency: LED technology ensures that neon strip lighting is energy-efficient, using less power while producing high-quality illumination for cost savings and reduced environmental impacts.