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Flex 12v 6*12mm Silicone Led Neon Strip Light


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rated voltage DC12V
length 5meters/roll,50 meters/custom
light color white/rgb/blue/yellow/red/green/pink/purple/ice blue/lemon yellow/orange
installation embedded
working time 50000 hours
Cutting length 1CM/2.5CM/cut
Size: 6*12mm
Led chip: SMD2835
LED Type: neon light DC12v
Lamp Body Material: PVC
IP Rating: IP67



Flex 12V: This LED neon strip operates at 12V voltage, making it simple to integrate into various low-voltage lighting systems and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Size of LED Neon Strip: At just 612mm in width, this LED neon strip can easily blend into various lighting installations with discreet mounting options and designs. Its slim profile also makes it suitable for tight spaces or intricate patterns.

Silicone Material: Made of silicone, LED neon strips constructed from this material are flexible and durable enough to endure repeated bending or twisting without damage, plus provide moisture-proof protection suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Energy Efficient: This LED neon strip was specifically created to be energy-efficient, using less power compared to traditional neon lights while still producing vibrant illumination.

Easy Installation: The LED neon strip comes equipped with an intuitive installation system for simple mounting and connecting. Furthermore, its flexible length enables greater customization to meet specific applications.

Versatile Application: The LED neon strip can be used for various applications, from accent lighting and signage to architectural illumination and decorative illumination. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, it is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installations.